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Soul Memberships

The Soul Membership is an Intensive 3-month journey centered on you or your business. In the 3 months you will go through a powerful process that was designed to uncover mental & emotional blocks that get in the way of you creating what you want in the world.


In the process of living, in an attenpt to survive life, our mind creates processes and programs that may have worked in the past to keep us safe but are no longer effective. Also, in this process our mind stores emotions in our body as a way to remember “why” the specific process or program is necessary.


These emotions become trapped energy that then unconsciously attracts those same or similar experiences and all of this runs out of awareness or unconsciously in your subconscious mind without you even knowing it.


In The Soul Membership, we work through your subconscious mind clearing and reprogramming your mind leaving you with peace of mind, freedom to be and the power to create a life your soul loves!

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