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(Integrative Psychic Surgery)

RoHun is a systematic and rapid-acting psychotherapy for personal growth and change. An energy based method of healing, RoHun uses the electromagnetic fields surrounding the physical body to work simultaneously to integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It combines both transpersonal psychology and metaphysical spiritual techniques in a rare and unique heart-centered holistic process.

     RoHun connects us with the vitality and perception of our True Self. It energizes and renews our beliefs about self.

     RoHun is a way of life, a way of dealing with everyday adversities, everyday tests and challenges, and everyday living.

    RoHun deals with the negative emotional circumstances and events that have caused us to sabotage and isolate ourselves from the people and things we desire. It addresses the traumatic and seemingly unimportant happenings that have tainted our perception and negated our belief in self.

      RoHun is the enlightened spiritual system of changing core beliefs.

    RoHun is not having a therapist magically touch you and make you well. It is a cooperative effort of both the therapist and the client entering the areas of blockage and faulty perceptions, eliminating the fault factor, and reprogramming faulty patterns to thoughts of love, wisdom, confidence, and strength. It is the gentle and powerful transformation therapy of the future, here now!



Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word meaning "Universal or Spiritually Guided (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki) ". Reiki is the energy that permeates all things. It is the Life Force that animates the world. It is Light. It is Sound. It is Vibration. It is Energy. It is Neutral. It is Love. It is also considered a non-invasive ancient method of hands-on-healing. 

​Reiki is an energy that 'works' with us on many levels, healing the root cause of any dis-ease. Using certain touch points on or off the body, a gentle technique is used to channel Reiki's healing energy to the client through the practitioner's hands. Most advanced practitioners also channel the energy through their eyes, inner eyes, minds, breath, voice, and hearts. Reiki restores balance and harmony on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki is guided by God-Consciousness and Unconditional Love and is received by the client wherever healing is needed. It can never cause harm.

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